August 15, 2023

My mom , who has dementia, was offered the opportunity to attend a medical daycare. Fenwick Senior Medical Daycare was one of the choices suggested to me. I was especially interested due to it being 10 minutes from the Assisted Living Facility my mom lived at. It was suggested that my mom and I come for a visit. We arrived to a warm welcome. From there we walked into the main room which is used for dining, socializing, and activities. It’s a big, bright room with a delightful view of the outdoor courtyard. At the time everyone was doing chair exercises to good tunes with a lively caregiver prompting the movements. My mom and I were invited to join in-so we did. There is a lovely area off the main room for reading, relaxing and socializing. I was completely thrilled with Fenwick and happy that I had such a good feeling about this facility. The caregivers and staff were genuinely kind, engaging, funny and thoughtful. I didn’t feel the need to look any further. My mom started on a 3-day a week attendance. As her dementia progressed, her attendance went to 2 days a week. My mom isn’t always an easy person to deal with, yet the staff at Fenwick always found loving and caring ways to redirect, encourage or know when to simply allow her to remain comfortable where she was at. I always received a monthly calendar with the activities that were planned out. Fenwick has 2 guinea pigs which are adorable. Pictures of them would accompany the Calendar. The communication that the Health Director and the Program Director maintained it was phenomenal. I was kept well informed about mom’s well-being, and on matters about Fenwick. The Health Director and Program Director implemented the regular, onsite visit of a Nurse Practitioner which I was able to make my mom’s primary care. That was a huge help for me and my mom. It would be disingenuous of me to say that there weren’t challenges or times with difficult conversations, but I always felt that their goal was for a positive and agreeable outcome. It isn’t just that one or two of the Fenwick caregivers and staff are wonderful, all that work at Fenwick is exceptional and wonderful. My mom has moved to a different assisted living facility which also meant moving to a different daycare. Even then, Fenwick Senior Daycare helped with all the details that go with moving from one place to another, that I was clueless over. I miss them and will always remember them with great fondness.

Corinna Bell

Thank you doesn’t really do justice to the way we feel about the wonderful care you gave to “I”. You are much more than a day care center, you are like family. We felt your concern for “I” was sincere and we appreciate the strong support and advice you gave us. Your friendly staff’s help, assistance and advice made her final days easier for us to cope.

We are glad that you accepted us as one of your family. We would highly recommend the Day Care Center to anyone. We would like to donate something you need in his memory.

C. and W.

Thank you for your loving care of our mother. Eighteen months ago Fenwick Landing became her home because each one of you cared for her, comforted her, laughed and danced with her and became her family. We will be forever grateful that she had such love and support. You can be proud that you care for your residents with kindness, love, dignity and humor. We saw all of that in the time she spent there and especially in the last few weeks.

The L. Family

Mom went to the Day Care every day. She played bingo, did exercise, played games, made crafts and enjoyed going out to eat with her friends. And I cannot forget the Elvis impersonator that came in to perform. Oh, I can see her now describing to me how he would shimmy and shake and how her face would light up just thinking about it. She just loved him. She loved all the staff at the center as well. When I scheduled her doctor’s appointments, I had to make sure I didn’t schedule them on days the center had something going on that she wanted to attend. Oh, I’d better not schedule anything on Wednesday, when Rev. “T” was coming. She really enjoyed listening to him and talking with him. I know she considered the staff at Fenwick Landing and the other participants that attended, her friends and loved them all.


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